Precision Forgings capabilities

We KNOW aluminum forgings! Draftless, conventional, open die, hand forgings, you name it! Here are just a few of the reasons we produce a superior product:

      Forging Pressure up to 2000 tons Hogouts, End-Item, and Kitting Assemblies
      Custom, In-house Die Design Multi-pallet Machining Centers
      Assembly, Riveting, Jig Boring Bearings and Bushings Installation
      Nadcap Accredited Heat Treating On Site Multi-Axis Coordinate Measuring
      Nadcap Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection Mastercam and Solid Modeling In-House
      Forging Plan View up to 300 sq Inches Maximum Length of 36 Inches

Advantages of no-draft forgings are consistent dimensional accuracy and
elimination of most draft machining, which reduces cost. Additional benefits
include enhanced physical properties such as superior strength, grain
structure, and a precision finish.